The hot and humid, but not too much, sea climate of French Polynesia is a privileged tropical fishing and leasure destination.

Two main seasons in French Polynesia atolls of Tuamotu:

Tahiti Fly Fish offers several tours in a spirit of adventure emphasizing a very honorable comfort for evenings and nights on land or even sometimes on board.

Indiana is the perfect boat for fast displacements to fishing spots as well as special missions of surf, scientific missions, race monitoring and much more.

My experience in Tuamotu for the last 14 years as captain and fly fisherman is made available to each of you who may wish to join us, Didier the Captain and Pauline your hostess, in this magical place.

Have a nice journey aboard.

Welcome to Fenua.
Manava and Maeva.

Capt. Alphen Didier